Ozone for Sanitation

Ozone is a very strong sanitation agent and can be used in many different applications. One of the most popular uses for ozone is to sanitize water. Below is a list of applications where ozone can be used to sanitize water:

  • Water disinfection. Ozone is best used as an adjunct to chlorine, thereby significantly reducing the amount of chlorine used while still retaining a residual active disinfectant in the water.
  • Clean-in-place (CIP) Systems. Ozone dramatically simplifies CIP by lowering heating energy costs, reducing the amount of cleaning chemicals required and eliminating disinfectant chemical residuals.
  • Cooling towers. Properly executed ozone treatment effectively eliminates living organisms and other organic challenges from the recirculating water stream, which aids in minimizing hard-water adhesions.
  • Waterfalls, fountains, and other water features. The most effective method for keeping heterotrophic bacteria under control in this kind of application is simple ozone injection. Ozone also aids in controlling odors from organic decomposition and minimizing the propagation of mold and fungus.
  • Wastewater remediation. This is a source of significant revenue to regulatory bodies and every plant operator must be certain that BOD, COD and TSS levels are well within compliance. Ozone and AOP are invaluable tools in attaining these goals economically and reliably.
  • Pools, spas, and aquatic ecosystems. Ozone is an effective technology for addressing organics, controlling algae and killing bacteria in aquatic applications. It is also effective in killing waterborne pathogens, like Pseudomonas and Legionella, in a significantly shorter time than with chlorine or bromine.

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