The KleenWater is a perfect product of versatility and reliability. The applications for this unit will help reduce bacterial growth, and help keep your water clean and pure.


Here are some benefits the KleenWater offers:


Ideal for water features, wells, large aquariums and more.

Easy to mount in tight, hard to get places.

Works with pressure or vacuum applications.

Stainless steel enclosure.

Utilizes a convenient nema plug.

Virtually maintenance free.




3' of 3/16" tubing.

Diffuser Stone

3/16" Check Valve

Air Pump.




Power: 120V or 240V AC

Output voltage: 4.5KV

Operating Temp: 32˚ - 110˚ F

Ozone concentration: 250mg/hr.

Ozone generation: Cold Corona.

Dimensions (L) 5” (W) 4” (H) 2.75”

Weight: 2 lbs.

When using pressure application, do not exceed 10 PSI.



One Year

Excellent Customer Support Team

Product Manual