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The Travel-Kleen Water Sanitizer will purify and help produce natural clean water on your travels. It will come in handy whether you need clean water to brush your teeth or you need to wash your fruits and vegetables. Here are some benefits the Travel-Kleen offers:

  • Small enough to be used in your car, RV, boat, etc.
  • Sanitize your water, fruits and vegetables anywhere you go.
  • Kills microorganisms, including E-Coli, Salmonella, bacteria, viruses, molds, pesticides and more
  • Breaks down toxic chemicals and pathogens.
  • User friendly and energy efficient


  • (1) Travel Kleen water sanitizer
  • (1) 3 feet tubing
  • (1) Cylinder diffuser stone
  • (1) Check valve
  • (1) 120V AC to 12V DC wall adapter
  • (1) 12V DC car adapter


  • Power:  12V DC, 426mA unit
  • Internal 12V air pump    
  • Ozone concentration:  80mg/hr
  • Dimensions:  (L) 5⅛" (W) 4¼" (H) 1¾"
  • Weight:  1.04 lbs.



  • One year
  • Excellent Customer Support Team


  • $90.00



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