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Swimming Pool Ozone Generator

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Aqua Sun Ozone, International is introducing their newest addition to their proven, reliable water purification line. The SwimKleen Pool Unit has incorporated Aqua Sun Ozone’s patented ozone cell to create a pool unit that is outstanding in the field.

The use of ozone in swimming pools has been used for many years and is a proven and reliable method of keeping the water clean with a minimal use of chemicals. Aqua Sun Ozone’s commitment to excellence ensures that all products created for our customers are of the highest quality and delivered cost effectively. Our goal has always been to build the best product, provide excellent customer service, affordable pricing with an end result of total customer satisfaction. Our products are proven making Aqua Sun Ozone, International…a proven leader in ozone technology.


  • Ozone Output: 2g/hr.
  • Optimum Flow Rate: 50-75 GPM
  • Power Input: 120V 60 Hz
  • Dimensions:  8.75” L x 16.125" W x 18.75" H
  • Weight: 13lbs.
  • Air Inlet: Filtered Ambient Air
  • Ozone LED  (green illumination indicates ozone production)


  • One Year
  • Excellent Customer Support Team