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Chlorine works great for many people; however, there are some that are allergic, get skin irritation, burning eyes, and some that simply don’t like the smell. Luckily there are other options that will completely eliminate or greatly reduce your chlorine use. These alternatives are:

  • Bromine: This is very similar to chlorine. It works great for those who are allergic to chlorine and those who are in warm climates. It is not great at oxidizing so it is usually paired with chlorine.
  • PHMB (polyhexamethylene biguanide): Great if you want to eliminate chlorine completely.  This will not oxidize your water so you will need to use hydrogen peroxide and a separate algaecide as well in order to make sure you water remains clear.
  • Ozone: There are two types of ozonators ultraviolet light and corona discharge. In the UV light system, special lamps are installed on the water return lines that kill all the impurities in the water before returning to the pool. Corona discharge uses an electrical arc to create ozone inside the generator to kill the pathogens inside the filtration system itself. These systems work best when paired with small amounts of chlorine.
  • Natural mineral sanitizers: These sanitizers are devices that provide a steady stream of metallic ions to the water in your pool. These ions then react with algae and bacteria in the water stopping them in their tracks. These sanitizers won’t completely eliminate your chlorine use but it will definitely reduce it.

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