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There are many different varieties of tea: non-caffeinated, totally caffeinated, sweet tea, unsweetened tea that is available in green, black and white versions, along with more than I can even name. But what makes the best tea? Some may say chai tea, or green tea, or lavender tea. However, you can’t have good tea without a good base. If you don’t have a good base, you can’t have a good product. After all the ingredients to tea are water & tea (sugar if you like – personally I like mine unsweetened.)  That’s simple. So what to do when you’re making tea at home and you want it to taste like summer? Are you limited to bottled water, or worse, having to buy the pre-made super syrupy high fructose corn syrup versions? Not anymore!  

The simple solution: Ozone. When used properly, ozone will destroy micro-organisms that could be in your water, making it much safer for consumption, while making it better tasting. Before brewing your tea, simply fill your container with water, drop in the diffuser stone, and come back in about 15 minutes – perhaps after giving yourself an at-home homeopathic facial. Alternatively, you may choose to install an ozone system under your sink. Then all you have to do is to on your dedicated ozone faucet and out flows ozonated, sanitized drinking water.

For information on the Nature-Kleen, portable counter-top ozone sanitizer, or the Vege-Kleen, under-the-counter ozone sanitizer, click here, or copy and paste the following URL into your web browser.

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