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As people become more familiar with ozone, they are asking for products that promote a healthier environment and a healthier life style.

Below are a few products that consumers are looking for:

  • Consumers are looking for ozone products to provide disinfection of microbes within their surface or well water supply.
  • They are looking for cleaner and healthier alternatives for their backyard swimming pools and spas, without the foul odor that chlorine disinfection alone leaves behind.
  • More and more people today are buying organic foods that are not tainted by synthetic pesticides or other chemicals; they are looking for a chemical-free solution in the home to rinse their foods to provide disinfection and extend shelf life.
  • At a time when manufacturers are striving to reduce waste and chemical use in commercial laundry settings with ozone, residential consumers too are looking to increase sustainability with the advent of residential-sized ozone laundry systems.
  • Consumer reports have shown that poor indoor air quality is becoming an epidemic in today’s homes. These homes are being designed to provide energy efficiency and built with better insulation and sealing, keeping in more airborne particulates, odors, and allergens, which can also promote bacteria and mold growth. With the combination of in-duct HVAC UV-ozone and UV-germicidal light systems indoors, odors and microbes can be reduced, leaving a fresh-smelling home.

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