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You always hear about how important it is to safely handle your food. However, you hardly ever hear about why you should handle your food safely. The USDA created a list of reasons why you should handle your food safely for its Meat and Poultry Hotline 25th year anniversary. Here are their top ten reasons:

  1. Safe food handling practices are the ones most likely to preserve food’s peak quality.
  2. Safe food handling lets you enjoy, to the fullest, the nutritional benefits of food.
  3. The safest ways to handle food are usually the most efficient.
  4. Safe food handling is easy. You set a good example for others, including your children.
  5. Safe food handling inspires confidence and keeps peace in the family.
  6. Safe food handling can enhance your standing in the community.
  7. Safe food handling is the responsible thing to do.
  8. Safe food handling saves money.
  9. By handling food safely, you will spare yourself and your family from a painful bout of illness.
  10. It may save a life.

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