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Wednesday, March 11th, is no smoking day. To help those who are having a hard time quitting here are a few tips:

- To start you will need to think positive.

- Make a plan, set a date and stick to it.

- Changing your diet can make cigarettes less satisfying. Foods such as meat make them more satisfying, and foods such as cheese, fruits and vegetables make them less satisfying.

- Changing your drink can also make cigarettes less satisfying. Fizzy drinks, alcohol, cola, tea and coffee all make cigarettes taste better so you should try to drink more water and juice.

- Identify when you crave cigarettes and make up a list of things to do instead of smoking.

- Do it with friends or family members so that you can support each other.

- Studies have shown that exercising helps to reduces cravings.

- Make new, non-smoking friends.

- Keep your hands and mouth busy to reduce the need to have a cigarette.

- Make a list of reasons to quit smoking and read it when you feel like giving up.



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