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Recently an article was released regarding chicken parts and how contaminated they are. The legal limit on the percentage of a whole chicken that can be contaminated with salmonella is 7.5 percent. Until recently the USDA only focused on whole chickens. After the Foster Farms outbreak about a year ago they started focusing on chicken parts. They found that chicken parts were three to four times more likely to be contaminated with salmonella and ground chicken was worse. The USDA proposed a new set of standards for poultry parts and ground poultry setting the legal limit to 15 percent.

Our Nature-Kleen kills 99.99% of salmonella in only 15 minutes and the UTC-1000 does the same in just 15 seconds! You would no longer have to worry about salmonella outbreaks with these products.  With every meal you will have peace of mind knowing your food is safe.

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