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Save Water and Money!!

Drink tap - not bottled. 

On average, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, one 12 ounce soft drink accounts for about 140 calories.  This can turn into about 14 pounds of weight gain within just one year if you consume only one soda a day. 

Drinking water instead of surgery soft-drinks is regularly cited as a key component to a healthier lifestyle.   But don’t waste water to become healthier.   Did you know that for every liter of finished bottled water 1.39 liters of water is used?   That means in one year, if you drink just one bottle of water (at 20 ounces) each day, 142 liters (4,745 ounces) of water is wasted?  Ditch the plastic and grab your reusable water bottle.  Not only will you save the world’s precious resources, you will also save your own – hard earned cash.   

On average you pay your water utility company $1.50 for 1,000 gallons of water.  On average you pay corporate suits $1.22 for just one gallon of bottled water.  For a family of four, with each person consuming 48 ounces of drinking water per day (70,080 gallons per year) that translates into an annual savings of more than $668!!!  Not to mention all of the fossil fuel required to produce and ship all those bottles.

In a paper released by The Drinking Water Research Foundation they cited that “public drinking water supplies present a substantially higher human risk than do bottled waters for illness due to waterborne organisms.”  What isn’t mentioned in this article is that 38 contaminants were found in 10 popular brands of bottled water, according to research conducted by the Environmental Working Group.

Eliminate your risk by using ozone to destroy these organisms.  Simply fill your water container with regular tap water, insert the diffuser stone, turn on the ozone generator and allow the ozone to fully saturate the water (15 minutes.)  Store the container in your fridge as you would normally and you have safe, inexpensive drinking water at your disposal.   Forgot to buy bottled water again?!?  Not anymore!

Use our Nature-Kleen or UTC-1000 to treat your tap water and start saving your money and the environment today!