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The Salton Sea has been drying up for many years now.  If it continues to dry up air quality in the Coachella Valley will worsen. As the water level gets lower the toxic dirt below becomes accessible to the wind, in turn, polluting the air. We then breathe in this polluted air, which can eventually cause health problems. There are also people who come from all around the world to visit the Salton Sea. They visit it because it is home to one of the most diverse bird populations in the world.  Unfortunately the lack of marine life (food) in the Salton Sea may cause some birds to go extinct. The Salton Sea is an important stop on the Pacific Flyway migratory path where birds stop to rest and eat so they can continue their migration. A new petition has been made to save the Salton Sea. California has a plan to restore it but they haven’t been able to do anything because they don’t have the funding.  The petition discusses how it wants to use the same type of successful license plate program that Lake Tahoe uses for its restoration.

The Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce has posted the petition on their website hoping people will sign it and spread the word.

Click here to read the petition.