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As you may know, April 22, 2014 is Earth Day.  Our planet needs all the help it can get, now more than ever, and there are a million different ways to improve it.  The Earth Day website has a few campaigns going on right now. One that I might try is meatless Monday.  All you have to do is not eat meat one day a week. It may not seem like much but if your family skipped steak once a week that would be the same at not driving for about 3 months.

Our products can also help you help the planet. The UTC 1000 produces sanitized drinking water right to your sink; therefore, reducing the use and need of plastic water bottles.  The Nature-Kleen, used to wash fruits, vegetables, and poultry, can also be beneficial to the planet.  When you use the Nature-Kleen to wash your food it doubles the shelf life resulting in less waste. It’s the little changes in your everyday routine that can make a big change to our planet.

Here are some Earth Day websites with campaigns and information: