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Hello Aqua Sun blog readers.  As most of you may know, a Typhoon hit the Philippines on Friday morning.   Typhoon Haiyan has killed thousands of people and has injured millions.  With floods as high as 12ft and gusts as strong as 235 mph, people were scared and didn’t know what to do.  Haiyan has affected 41 provinces and has been stated to be “bigger than Hurricane Katrina” which was also another tragedy brought on by Mother Nature.

The typhoon has weakened and has made its way across the border from Northern Vietnam into China’s Guanxi on Monday morning.  Winds there have been recorded at 75mph, which falls under a Category One Hurricane.

Aqua Sun Ozone sends their thoughts and prayers to the people who have been affected by Haiyan.  

To donate to the people affected by typhoon Haiyan, click the link below.