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Model 100
Car Air Purifier


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Cleanse the air in your car with this ozone air sanitizer. Here are some of the benefits that the Model 100 offers:
  • Kills tobacco odor, pet odor and body odor.
  • Neutralizes carbon monoxide.
  • Eliminates bacteria and pollen.
  • Destroys highway pollutants providing you with fresh air.



  • $12.00



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ASO 250
Water Feature Sanitizer

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The ASO 250 is a perfect product of versatility and reliability. The applications for this unit will help reduce bacterial growth, and help keep your water clean and pure. Here are some benefits the ASO-250 offers:

  • Ideal for water features, wells, large aquariums and more.
  • Easy to mount in tight, hard to get places.
  • Works with pressure or vacuum applications.
  • Stainless steel enclosure.
  • Utilizes a convenient nema plug.



  • ASO 250 Without Potentiometer $69.99

    Also available in 240V




ASO 250