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In an article written for The Desert Sun by Sarah Skidmore, an AP Food Industry Writer, it was estimated that a family of four throws away $1,500.00 to $4,000.00 annually due to food spoilage.

Save food from spoiling with ozone

What causes food to spoil? The answer: bacteria. By eliminating, or reducing, the bacteria on your foods you can increase the shelf-life allowing you to store your food longer. In the long run using ozone to rinse your vegetables and fruits before storing them in your pantry or refrigerator saves you money because you're not throwing away rotten food that you purchased only days ago!

Food scientists at the California Polytechnic University confirmed that low-levels of ozone can significantly reduce the risk of illness caused by bacteria when applied to food surfaces. They found that E. Coli and Salmonella were significantly reduced by more than 99.99% on surfaces of lettuce, meat & poultry. When compared to rinsing the same foods in standard chlorinated tap water they found little pathogen reduction.

In another study, scientists from the North Carolina State University found that spoilage bacteria was greatly reduced when the raw fish and processing equipment was treated with ozone. It was also stated that the shelf-life of the seafood seemed to improve.