Dealer Form

Why join

Growth, profitability... market share.  Every business strives for success and at Aqua Sun Ozone, your success matters.  And when you team with Aqua Sun Ozone, you team with the best – the best ozone solutions, the highest quality products, the best prices and the best partners in the market place to help you to build your business and your bottom line.

How to join

It’s simple. Just contact us and provide the details of your first order to the value of $750.00 at retail pricing– the minimum first order that is required to qualify for the Distributor wholesale pricing. At that time we ask you to fill out the attached credit card authorization form. For all future orders, we will charge the wholesale price (plus S&H) to your credit card and ship the units directly to your customer, or to you. You will charge your clients your chosen retail price.

Upon joining, just let us know what type of information, flyers and photo’s you require for each product and we will send this through to you to assist you to market the products.